6 Months Later...

Dear Beautiful moms,

You have no idea how time flies when you only companion is a new baby. Your new sleep routine is your biggest challenge, the new adaptation to breast feeding, and the most important “to keep your cutie a live can be the most challenging job in the all world.

Is all ok, all those nights are going to be perfect. I know you will be feeling tired and yes more tired, so when your friends and family offer you some help you going to take it mama!!!!!  YES, because you need it. You deserve to feel good and taking care of yourself is the most important thing at this point. You going to be totally up for it, because you don’t go to feel bad for it.  

Believe me, I still struggle to ask for help, but these are the most important months in your life to take care of yourself, because you are doing so much for that little cutie.

Suggestions? plan some mommy day, go to the spa with another friend or mama companion, so you both can talk about the cuties together and the freaking challenges to be a new mom.  Go for a long walk, read a book on the spare time you have. I know you going to miss your baby, but is not time to feel guilty, is time for you to take a break!

Ladies night? HAHA why not, you have to dress up and feel sexy, get some eyes on you and feel like you are the sexiest person in the entire world.

Mamas, this is the time where It gets challenging, because you still uncertain of all the new things can happen to your baby, still too young to do a lot of stuff, however, If I knew it was the easiest time for me to travel with my cutie… I wish I Have traveled much more.  When my daughter was 4 months we travel to Cancun, Mexico. She was very young but easy to move around. At 7 months we went to Mexico city. She still was young to move so I could take more advantage of that. But not, I did not, because I was afraid of some crazy virus will attack us.  So that’s my advice to you. If you are that travel mama that would like to experience new adventures. This is the time. I know is hard to get by, barely you have energy for your baby, but if you can recover by having a healthy diet and adding an exercise routine to your life. That would my most valuable advice.  On my case it took me more than a year to recover for that. So please don’t wait that long, your body will recover sooner, you will feel stronger, happier and you will enjoy more time with your little one. So mama be Strong, be Brave be Happy !

With Love!

To the  Amazing mamas of the World!

The Urban Mom Mama!


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