Traveling with A Toddler!

Travelling with my daughter was a really challenging experience. I have always overcome obstacles, but honestly being in a plane with a hyperactive toddler was a big challenge which proved to be a spiritually uplifting success after all. I used to love travelling, moving from one place to another like a bird. Having my child didn’t change that. It just altered the way I travel, and I’ve adjusted, it was something that I convinced myself, only you can make life’s best-fitting adjustments.
As a free spirit, moving from place to place without so much as a hustle was something which came naturally. Exploring every single place possible, I would also enjoy the different cultures, tasting the food and interacting with the locals.
However, travelling with my daughter and watching her in her element taught me more about life. Falling in love with her and her mannerisms is so easy. She’s so easy to love, loving her is just like breathing.
On our latest adventures, she played by the poolside, enjoying every single drop and splash of water. Then lay next to me to soak in the beauty of the sun. To me, seeing her enjoy her time out in the sun proved to be the best holidays ever. She met and socialized with everyone, and because she’s cute, she got the attention immediately anywhere we went.
There are kids in my family. I have interacted with them. Heck, I’ve even babysat for family and friends. But, never have I ever seen a child as vibrant and lovely. The daily giggles and sloppy kisses are a constant reminder of the work I have to put in.
So, mama tell me more about your next Adventure? Where are you planning to take your kid and family? Have you chosen the outfits? Please take a look on our mom and kids’ collection. You would love what we have there !
With love to the  amazing mamas of the World!
The Urban Mom!

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