The Day my Daughter was born!

Dear new mom today is the day! Get ready for the imperfect – perfect day of your life.

The day I knew I was pregnant I was totally shocked; I wasn’t ready or prepare for that. I felt that I wasn’t ready to be a mom and take care of that little crying baby on my own.

After the weeks, months passed I felt that I was about the experience the scariest time of my all life. I was and sometimes I think is challenging to manage all at the same time.

Well, when new weeks, new challenges, doctor appointments, healthy habits and exercise became part of my normal life. Then I was more intrigue and curios to know more about her, how it she looks? what she would like? how she would adapt to my life and my life to hers? I had a lot of questions, fears and frustrations. Few weeks before she was born, I start nesting, organizing her room, her toys, her clothes and all the little cute new fashion closet for my little one. The fancy stroller, the car seat the nursing pillow. I had it all!!!!  On the 7th of September of 2017, when the contractions started, I thought I was more than ready to push this baby out of me I was tired, I was overwhelmed  and still scared. However, my daughter took her time to came into this world.  Yes! After more than 24 hours of contractions, asking to the nurses and midwife to give me all the drugs they are available to take my pain away. My little baby girl came for the first time on September 8th and it was the most amazing moment of my life! I can’t describe the feeling, but I can tell you that I knew that from that moment my life will completely turn on 360 degrees.

I know you may think that sounds scary; I hear you!

I know that the moment you enter the hospital and you leave the hospital in the company of that little human bean still uncertain.

I know that looking at the doctors to check that all will be perfect, is challenging!

I know that you are waiting for that perfect moment to show to your social media friends the cute picture with your newborn.

I know all those things and I tell you right now that you are going to be Totally Fine. Full of joy, happiness and love!

That day marked my life for ever and is going to mark yours as the most amazing experience in your entire life.

So be prepare for the imperfect, because is totally fine to feel overwhelmed!

You going to survive the pain, the screaming, the tiredness on your look when someone takes a picture of you and your new baby born. Feel blessed and happy, enjoy every moment and get ready to your new life.

The amazing transformation you will experience is not going to be comparable to anything else. Is yours, SO PLEASE TAKE IT WITH ALL YOUR LOVE AND KINDNESS!

With Love to all the Amazing, Strong Mamas in the ALL WORLD!

The Urban Mom!


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