About us

Our Story

Hi there, my name is Karime. I'm the founder of TheUrbanKid Clothing and I am a solo parent. My daughter came into my life at the right time, to help me to see the life with a better perspective. “The challenge to be in a new Urban Mom in a new City” and the opportunity to reinvent myself.

Being a single parent shaped me and helped to point my direction in life. However, it wasn’t an easy!  As a single mom your life changes, you became vulnerable, lonely, the people you think you can trust the most simply are not there. On the other hand, you meet a lot of amazing people (your new family-tribe) and other amazing superhero moms, to teach you and give you direction in the process.

At the beginning was hard, I felt judged, alone and I was very stress about all the financial responsibility of my new life. Of course, that pain empower me to become a better person and look for a better quality of life, that transformed me to fight and become a better version of myself and give all the best for me and to my daughter. That’s the reason that I have created TheUrbanKid. After having my daughter, my life transformed, and I became obsess with offering her a better future where we both share something in common. “By the inspiration of her cuteness, I have created this Lovely Store for her future” 

Our mission is to embrace every kid to be strong, fearless, love and protect our planet and the future generations. “Be brave, Be Strong, Be Fairless, Love who you are and accept others with respect”

Our Vision is to be a globally established online shop known for fashionable, functionable and affordable options for parents and kids. “To share the authenticity, Love, Wisdom and Happiness with every child"

Giving Back

On my journey as a solo parent, I saw a lot of pain. Single moms struggling with the daily finances, the limitation of a full-time job and of course the financial stability. I saw a lot of pain where mom's didn’t have a place to live or eat with their little ones.

This why I would like to support other strong moms on similar situations. By helping them with clothing donations for their little ones at the end of each season. So, every purchase you made will help single moms to provide clothing for their kids.


Karime Garcia

Founder of TheUrbanKid